By a bare majority, most Utahns don’t believe GOP President Donald Trump nor his campaign “colluded” with Russia in the 2016 presidential election, a new poll finds.

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POLL: 51% of Utahns think the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia during the 2016 election [Utah Policy]. President Donald Trump's allies are ready to ramp up their attacks on Mitt Romney if he decides to run for Senate in 2018 [Utah Policy]. A Canadian uranium mining firm lobbied the Trump...

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Some 12 years ago, the Utah Legislature sent a resolution to Congress asking federal lawmakers to stop encroaching on state tax policy regarding financial institutions.
With all the news about Utah competing to win Amazon's second HQ, this is a good time to look behind the scenes at how corporate recruitment enhances Utah’s economic prosperity.

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Last week President Donald Trump visited Utah to announce he was slashing millions of acres from two national monuments established by Presidents Obama and Clinton. In response, tribal and...
Even though the Senate passed their version of tax reform on Friday night, our "Political Insiders" are not sure they'll be able to get a bill to President Trump's desk by Christmas.

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Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Cannabis oil has given Utah children a chance at a normal life

Op-ed: Expanding Trax would connect Utahns, draw new talent to the state and help solve poor air quality

Op-ed: The Tribune was wrong. Medicine often involves a risk to the patient.

Paul Mero: It’s time to fight poverty the ‘Utah way’

Editorial: Greg Graves should resign

Popular sites have been removed from monument protection at former Grand Staircase-Escalante

Scientists decry Trump’s move to strip fossil treasures from Utah’s Grand Staircase monument

Here’s a breakdown of the 5 lawsuits filed against Trump that challenge his cuts to 2 Utah national monuments

Deseret News

Frank R. Pignanelli and LaVarr Webb: Cleaning up after Trump’s monumental visit to Utah

Op-ed: Systematic review of monument designations is an important check on unilateral power

Op-ed: The Colorado baker case — Is there an easy solution?

Op-ed: Utah should protect the right to work

Op-ed: The need for variety in a student's education

Editorial: Utah can do more to help students find solid STEM footing

Board member questions $10,000 'secret' hikes at Bears Ears

Pressure mounts on embattled Utah County commissioner to resign

Jury finds Salt Lake Comic Con, its founders violated trademark

Families concerned about special ed teacher without special training, license

Waiting for Hatch: Is he indecisive or keeping foes at bay?

Report: One-night count of Utah's homeless yields slightly higher total compared to last year


Editorial: Increased transparency in filling vacancies in elected positions will better serve residents (Daily Herald)

UCRP announces filing period for candidates to replace resigning Dean Sanpei (Daily Herald)

Work hard, then work harder: Entrepreneur Latinos in Ogden (Standard-Examiner)

Save Our Canyons reaches out to Park City community (Park Record)

Today At Utah Policy

Carlos Braceras leads Utah into new mobility era

  • By Muriel Xochimitl, Contributor & President of X-Factor Strategic Communications

Whether we drive on the roads, take a bus, or ride a bike, transportation is front and center in our daily lives. When it’s working well, we don’t notice it. When it’s not, we do.

Trump allies ready to declare war on Romney

  • By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor

President Donald Trump's visit to Utah was not only about public lands, it was specifically designed to convince Sen. Orrin Hatch to run for another term in 2018 and to keep Mitt Romney out of the...


Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott discuss the news from a big week in Utah politics.
Rep. John Curtis discusses reports that President Donald Trump will dramatically slash the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments.

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"Prince William said that Prince George just played a sheep in his school’s nativity play. Which raises the question, how rich were the other kids that Prince George wound up playing a sheep?" Jimmy Fallon

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