The radical right wing of the Utah Republican Party’s Central Committee is at it again.

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Situational Awareness: Friday, Feb. 16, 2018

Good Friday morning from Salt Lake City. Utah Policy Daily will take off President’s Day on Monday. Have a great holiday weekend and we’ll re-connect on Tuesday.

Realistic solutions are elusive as nation struggles with another horrific school shooting. Low-key Mitt Romney announcement expected today. U.S. Senate struggles mightily with immigration reform. Bernick: Too many state employees hanging out at the Legislature? Webb: Yes, ‘elitists’ spend big money on politics – including to prop up the caucus/convention system.

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For years, the far right in Utah has complained about the “elitists” and “wealthy few” who seek to “buy Utah’s elections” by supporting the Count My Vote initiative.  So it’s hard not to escape the...
  The current administration has made numerous changes to health care policy, and some affect Utah.

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Local Headlines

Salt Lake Tribune

Michelle Quist: The Mormon church can be better at handling domestic violence

Threats to college and university campuses may outweigh the privacy of sexual assault victims, Utah lawmakers say

Utah lawmakers reject bill calling for mental-health care to be based on scientific evidence

Gehrke: LDS Church-owned media and some Utah companies are suffocating workers with noncompete clauses

Despite questions about its constitutionality, panel advances plan to let Legislature directly defend state laws in court

Lawmakers give final approval to replace statue of Philo Farnsworth with Martha Hughes Cannon in U.S. Capitol

Senate committee sends bill that would create a low-income tax credit to the floor for final vote

Senate shakes up leadership as Majority Leader Okerlund prepares for possible heart, kidney transplants

A potential Sen. Mitt Romney would have no seniority, but would that matter?

Gov. Herbert says new toughest-in-nation DUI law will stand without major changes

Rural counties could use more money from hotel taxes to pay for roads under a bill moving forward in the House

Mitt Romney a carpet-bagging outsider? Governor, lawmakers say he understands Utah well

After another shooting, Utah lawmakers pass a school safety bill — but say solutions are unclear

But it’s historic: Derelict house, propped up by red tape, now can come down to make way for students

Salt Lake County township leaders soon may be called ‘mayor’

Deseret News

Jay Evensen: Why we're letting Russians tell us how to vote

Editorial: Meaningful work for inmates points to lower recidivism

Panel OKs bill creating sex assault reporting guidelines for Utah universities

Bill allowing schools to install bolt locks to barricade classroom doors passes

Online jobs initiative aims to stop export of young adults from rural Utah

Utah House snuffs out tobacco-free Capitol bill

Utah Legislature has spoken: Philo T. Farnsworth needs to make way for Martha Hughes Cannon

Businesses showcase clean-technology products at Utah Capitol

Herbert talks drugs, alcohol, abortion

Temporary changes made in Senate leadership

Committee OKs bill giving $1M for counties to fight intergenerational poverty

Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes on short list of candidates to lead Salt Lake Chamber

Mitt Romney to launch Senate bid Friday, culling Utah lawmakers' support


Study: Utah could save money with death penalty ban; bill could make it happen (Standard-Examiner)

Utah Rep. Dixon Pitcher won't seek re-election, Ogden lawyer to vie for spot (Standard-Examiner)

'Two-way street': Logan neighborhood councils back in effect under Mayor Daines (Logan Herald Journal)

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Bob Bernick's notebook: Is vote-by-mail too successful?

  • By Bob Bernick, Contributing Editor

Utah’s mail-in balloting process is becoming very successful. Maybe too successful. UtahPolicy is hearing that GOP legislative leaders are considering doing something this session about the mail-in...

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The 2018 ballot in Utah could be one of the most policy-heavy choices for voters in years. There are six citizen ballot initiatives vying for a spot in November.
An election year abortion bill is stoking controversy on Utah's Capitol Hill this session. 


Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott examine another big week on the Utah political landscape.
Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott run down a plethora of news about Utah politics.

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